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Archaeological Students Association Club

The Archaeological Students Association (ASA) Club is an academic club committed to enhancing university and community understanding of archaeology. The ASA Club is dedicated to the development of skills related to historic and prehistoric archaeology in Idaho for all interested students, to foster academic and professional relationships with the citizens of the community outside the boundaries of Boise State University, to provide students with an opportunity to serve the community in a manner consistent with their chosen area of study, and to assist in preparing students for academic success in a post-graduate environment.

The ASA Club sponsors lectures, films, field trips and programs fostering an appreciation of the role of archaeology in understanding the prehistoric past and the ways in which archaeology provides insights to contemporary issues.

Everyone is welcome to the ASA meetings and membership is open to all students. We highly encourage participation of anyone interested in archaeology and historic preservation.


President: Jennifer Cuthbertson

Vice President: Corri Boldt




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Twitter handle is @BoiseStateASA (People can tweet to us using this)