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The Senior Staff include a Coordinator  and Associate Coordinator who serve as the Principle Investigators on contracts and grants; Project Director and  GIS Specialist who also serves as Laboratory Coordinator; a full time Administrative Assistant; and a Reports and Publications Editor. CAAS also  has a number of research and contract associates and maintains a pool of Assistant Archaeologists who are qualified field and laboratory technicians.  In addition to the expertise of senior and associate  staff in GIS, geoarchaeological analysis, sediments, lithic and ceramic analyses, CAAS maintains consulting relationships with analytical specialists  for X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), pollen, macrobotanical, blood and protein residue, and faunal analyses.

Mark G. Plew, Coordinatoralt="Mark G. Plew"

Mark Plew holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Indiana University.  His research interests focus on the behavioral ecology of hunter-gatherers.  He has conducted more than 150 archaeological and ethnographic projects throughout North and South America and in Australia.  He has authored more than 300 books, monographs, journal articles, and technical reports.  During the past 25 years he has had primary responsibility for numerous cultural resource management projects in Idaho and surrounding states.  Dr. Plew is a Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at Boise State University.  Since 1986, he has served as Coordinator of the Center of Applied Archaeological Science.

alt="Christopher Hill"Christopher Hill, Associate Coordinator

Chris Hill holds a Ph D. from Southern Methodist University. The main geographic areas of his research have been in the Sahara Desert, Nile Valley, eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, the Great Lakes Plains, and the Rocky Mountains area of North America. His interests range from Quaternary Paleoenvironments, Paleobiology, Ice Age mammals, and his research focus is on Pleistocene environmental change and its linkage with human adaptation and biotic communities.

Pei-Lin Yu

alt="Pei-Lin Yu"

Pei-Lin Yu holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Southern Methodist University. Her research interests focus on the behavioral ecology of major evolutionary transitions in China, Taiwan, and the South American neo-tropics. Yu has extensive experience in bison bonebed excavation, ethnoarchaeology of hunting and gathering peoples, archaeological survey and documentation across the U.S., HABS/HAER/HALS and National Register nominations, NAGPRA determinations of cultural affiliation and Notices of Inventory Completion, and climate change research in national parks. Her publications include four books as well as numerous journal articles and technical reports. Yu has authored successful research grant proposals totaling more than $1.12 million.
alt="Beki Jumonville"

Beki Jumonville

Beki Jumonville has extensive experience with forensic archaeology, the analysis of human remains, human vs. non-human identification and NAGPRA. Beki received a Master’s of Applied Anthropology and a board certification for Medicolegal Death Investigation. Her research and interests include bioarchaeology, bone histology and forensic archaeology.

Barbara Valdez

Barbara Valdez holds an M.A. in English from the University of Oregon. She has experience in proofreading legal transcripts and has published a medical center newsletter. More recently, Barbara has been developing courses in technical writing and is the copyeditor for the Department of Anthropology at Boise State University.