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Christopher Hill

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Christopher L. Hill
Phone: (208) 426-2625
Office: Environmental Research Building, Room 3167
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Ph.D., Anthropology, Institute for the Study of Earth and Man, Southern Methodist University
M.A., Anthropology, Institute for the Study of Earth and Man, Southern Methodist University
B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies: Geology, Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Minnesota


Dr. Hill has been involved in documenting environmental change in North America, Eurasia, and Africa. He has co-authored or edited 5 books and is the author or co-author of 58 referred articles and book chapters. These include the book “Geoarchaeology: The Earth Science Approach to Archaeological Interpretation” published by Yale University Press written with Rip Rapp. In North America, Dr. Hill has been studying the relationships between changing climates, the development of landscapes, and biotic patterns. In the western Great Lakes and Upper Midwest region he has studied ancient environments, primarily as they are related to the spatial distribution of archaeological sites. The focus of his work in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains has been changes in physical landscapes and Ice Age animals. One example of these studies is the study of paleoenvironments and animals living in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Dr. Hill has conducted international field studies in several geographic regions. In Egypt, he has studied changes in environments over the last 500,000 years in the Nile Valley and the Sahara Desert. He has also conducted studies along the coast of the Mediterranean in Israel, the region of southeastern Turkey, and Siberia. Most of Dr. Hill’s research involves using geologic and biologic methods to document and interpret past and present environments.


Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Environmental Archaeology-Geoarchaeology, Paleoecology, Pleistocene-Paleolithic Archaeology, Lithostratigraphy-Geomorphology, Cenozoic Paleontology-Paleobiology, Paleoenvironments.  Field Experience: North America, North Africa and the Middle East, and Central Asia (Siberia).


  • Introduction to Archaeology (undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (undergraduate)
  • Introduction to World Prehistory (undergraduate)
  • Human Evolution and Paleoanthropology (undergraduate)
  • Quaternary Paleontology (undergraduate)
  • Human Paleoecology (undergraduate)
  • African Prehistory (undergraduate)
  • Geoarchaeology (undergraduate)
  • Quaternary Paleontology (undergraduate)
  • North American Paleoenvironments (graduate)
  • Ice Age Mammals of North America (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Mammoths and the Great Ice Age (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Field Methods in Archaeology (undergraduate)
  • Prehistory of Egypt (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Mesoamerican Archaeology (undergraduate)
  • Archaeology of North America (undergraduate)
  • Prehistory of North America (undergraduate)
  • Senior Practicum-Portfolio (undergraduate)
  • Environmental Studies Senior Project I and II (undergraduate)
  • Statistical Methods in Anthropology (graduate)
  • Advanced Geoarchaeology and Quaternary Environments (graduate)
  • Quaternary Environments (graduate)
  • Paleobiology (graduate)
  • Human Origins (undergraduate)
  • Prehistory of North America (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Paleontology and Conservation Paleoecology (undergraduate/graduate)