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Graduate Degrees

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Master of Arts in Anthropology

The curriculum requires a core sequence in anthropology with a significant emphasis on methodology and theory, a sequence of electives, a preliminary examination, and a thesis. The thesis will be expected to be of sufficient quality to warrant publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

masters-of-arts-in-anthropology-programMASTERS OF ARTS IN ANTHROPOLOGY CHECKLIST
Boise State Graduate Anthropology Students Handbook

Master of Applied Anthropology

The curriculum combines rigorous study in anthropological science (STEM) with skill-based coursework in management, policy, verbal communication, GIS, and technical writing. The program consists of two years of academic preparation with a professional component that includes an internship or other work-related experience.

Boise State Graduate Anthropology Students Handbook

Foreign Language: The department does not require a student in the MA or MAA degree program to have taken a foreign language, but it is highly recommended. Courses taken at the undergraduate level may be accepted in fulfillment of the recommendation. Research in some geographic areas may require additional language skills.