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Course Information

Graduate Course Offerings                    alt="Woman Studying in Library"

A listing of all university classes available can be found on your BoiseState student center account or on the University Class Schedules web page.

Anthropology Course Offerings

  • Summer 2019 ANTH classes
  • Spring 2019 ANTH classes
  • Fall 2018 ANTH classes
  • Desert Studies Institute Summer 2019 classes
  • ANTH 590 Internship
  • ANTH 596 Independent Study
  • ANTH 686 Preliminary Exam  – details on preparing for the ANTH 686 Preliminary Examination.
  • Distance/Online Courses  For more information on non-traditional anthropology course offerings, such as workshops.
  • The Graduate Catalog can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s site. The catalog will give you information on the academic calendar (registration deadlines, adding and dropping classes, and withdrawals), Boise State University policies, admissions information, grades, tuition and fees, financial aid, student services, etc.