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Organization Team

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Kathryn Demps, Assistant Professor
Kristin Snopkowski, Assistant Professor
Mark Plew, Professor
John Ziker, Professor
Pei-Lin Yu, Assistant Professor
Samantha Blatt, Visiting Assistant Professor


Phil Daily, Director, Archaeology Students Association
Caleb Thom, President, Anthropology Club


Faith Brigham, Administrative Assistant, Department of Anthropology

The purpose of the symposium is to:

  • Promote greater interaction between regional departments and scholars with interests in evolution, ecology, and human behavior;
  • Foster opportunities for collaboration with colleagues in the region;
  • Create a venue where scholars can present their work in a longer time format and with closer interaction between speakers and audience than possible at larger conferences;
  • Provide graduate students an opportunity to present research in a smaller, less formal setting;
  • Provide advanced undergraduates an opportunity to learn about graduate programs and meet potential advisors in the region.