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Samantha Blatt

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Samantha Blatt, AthropologyCONTACT INFORMATION:

Samantha H. Blatt
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Mathematics Building, MB 137B
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Ph.D., Anthropology, The Ohio State University
M.A., Anthropology, The Ohio State University
B.S., Evolutionary Anthropology, Rutgers University


Dr. Blatt is a biological anthropologist whose research focuses on understanding human responses and adaptive strategies to environmental factors. She earned a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, specializing in human osteology, dental anthropology, and bioarchaeology with central interests in the skeletal and dental markers of growth and development, diet, and patterns of health from the archaeological populations of the Ohio Valley and Eastern United States. Her research has examined the methodologies of skeletal stature and body mass estimation, dental age estimation, and developmental plasticity for modern and archaeological children. Her current research focuses on teeth as archives of life history at the evolutionary and individual level. Utilizing polarized and scanning electron microscopy, she reconstructs the timing and sequence of dental development at a cellular level by observing the incremental patterns of dental enamel microstructures. Dental development correlates with important life history events, is literally marked by stress events during growth, and is the most precise means of estimating chronological age and circadian biorhythms, by which to analyze discrepancies in growth related to climate, diet, genetic background, and disease. In conjunction with this work, Dr. Blatt’s interests also include the bioarchaeology of children and childhood by combining skeletal markers of health, growth, and activity with funerary archaeology.


Osteology, dental morphology and histology, bioarchaeology, growth and development, Native Americans, Eastern Woodlands, scanning electron microscopy, life history, childhood


  •  Biological Anthropology
  • Human Evolution and Paleoanthropology
  • Human Variation
  • Osteology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Advanced Bioarchaeology Lab
  • Human Evolutionary History and Development (Graduate)