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Success Stories-Beyond the Major

Cristen Iris
Developmental Editor, Collaborator, Ghostwriter, Speaker

Cristen’s experience in Anthropology helped her to ask “Why” and “What” questions of her clients and herself….

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Natalie Ferri

While living in Thailand, I came face-to-face with human trafficking,
and I vowed to work towards a future career advocating and taking
actions against trafficking…..

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Mathew Douraghi

Medical Anthropologist/ Clinical Researcher

My professional journey has taken me from public health research,
to working with veterans on drug addiction, to researching cancer…

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alt="Kersti Kennedy studio portrait"

Kersti H. Kennedy

My anthropology studies have influenced my life in three broad ways:

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alt="Drew-McGuire photo"

Drew McGuire
Community Development Planner

My education in anthropology has facilitated my success in the field of Community Development because…

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alt="David Christensen standing next to statue"
David Christensen

I am an archaeologist in Vernal, UT, working for the BLM.

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alt="Margaret Amundson with camels"Margaret Amundson
Classical Archaeology

I just returned from an archaeological expedition to…

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alt="Shane Scaggs, Delaney Glass, and John Ziker sitting at a table"
Shane Scaggs
Graduate Student

I am very fortunate to be gaining applied experience with the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game…

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Bill Holland-Smith
Non-traditional Studentalt="Bill with mountain goat"

The cross-cultural perspective of anthropology brought unity….to my personal development and enriched my life by providing insight not only into the behavior of others but my own behavior as well.

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